AC Schnitzer BMW X6M

AC Schnitzer BMW X6M

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Are you the proud owner of a brand new BMW X6M and you’re afraid of being at the lights next to somebody in the same car?

AC Schnitzer BMW X6M
AC Schnitzer BMW X6M

Well if you live an area of people this enthusiastic about creations from the Bavarian manufacturer you should definitely consider taking your X6M over through the AC Schnitzer prep school.

Should you do so, your X6M will look so aggressive that it will scare away any other one you may find in traffic.

The specialist BWM tuning company will slap on a bunch of carbon fiber modifications which include a front spoiler, rear roof spoiler, rear wing, and rear diffuser all purposed in looking as evil as body panels can.

Want more? Than you can have some extra design elements for the front skirt and a chromed front grille, carbon Bonnet Vents with a chromed centre web.

AC Schnitzer is also offering its┬áBonnet Top of made of carbon with a plexiglas panoramic window through which you can show off your engine, though to be honest as big a fan of BMW as i am the BMW X6M isn’t going to offer the same view as a Ferrari bonnet innards is it?

Feeling a bit disappointed by the stock wheels? No problem, AC Schnitzer will give your X6M some new shoes, some new big shoes, in fact, they’re a bit clowny for my taste as they range in size from 20 to 23 inches.

Unfortunately AC Schnitzer don’t have a performance package yet, but given you visit their shop again in a short while they’ll be able to offer up some kit in that department as well.

AC Schnitzer BMW X6M AC Schnitzer BMW X6M AC Schnitzer BMW X6M


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