2011 BMW M5

More spyshots of the 2011 BMW M5

A new BMW M5 is always going to be a car that will create a lot of expectations, a car that will meet those expectations and surpass them every time. This must be one of the reasons why the Bavarians are testing it round the Nurburgring so thoroughly.

2011 BMW M5
2011 BMW M5

With that in mind, every time a major manufacturer is putting an eagerly expected new model (and seriously now, is there anything you’re looking to more than the F10 M5?) somebody manages to snap some photos of it out in the wilds. Even though there is some camouflage on it, fanatics will still be able to tell other what to expect.

In the case of the 2011 F10 BMW M5 what you will be getting is a bulky M3 inspired front fascia, something expected as Adrian Van Hooydonk stated not long ago that future BMW’s will unify design in order to synchronize with global taste of the customers.

Other interesting looks of the car come with the hood that be one of those tight t-shirts that cover up a flexing muscle such as the massive engine that will be in the new M5 and the wheels this car is running on. Not bad, not bad at all.

Leaving looks aside, i have to say i’m quite thrilled at how flat the car is throughout this bend and how well it hits the apex, BMW will keep the M5 as a leader i’d say.

2011 BMW M5 2011 BMW M5 2011 BMW M5


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