BMW M3 GT2 round the Carousel

BMW wins at 24 Hours of Nurburgring

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Just as the title says, the Bavarians have won the fabled race that ended just hours ago with one of their new BMW M3 GT2’s run by Team Schnitzer.

BMW M3 GT2 round the Carousel
BMW M3 GT2 round the Carousel

The No. 25 BMW Team Schnitzer M3 GT2 of Jorg Müller, Augusto Farfus, Uwe Alzen and Pedro Lamy was the car to finish first at the 2010 24 Hours of Nurburgring marking a great comeback to the event.

The offset of the race didn’t look too promising for team BMW as Porsche announced they were ready to make history with their hybrid and Audi had completely dominated the qualifying sessions taking the first four spots on the grid and a lap record.

In the end it turned out that Porsche’s Hybrid system great as it may be isn’t good enough to last a full 24 hours of racing and Audi… well they had lots of problems but we have a good right to feel smug as BMW fans that the Bavarians stuck it to the four ringed company once again.

In full admittance the BMW M3 GT2 was slightly slower than the top competitors but it was far more reliable despite some gearbox concerns towards the end and had backing from a very organised team that helped the car through a radiator change during the night.

The final results of the race were as follows:

1. 25 BMW M3 GT2 – 154 laps
2. 43 Ferrari F430 GTC +3:53.191
3. 97 Audi R8 LMS +1 lap
4. 76 BMW Z4 GT3 +2 laps
5. 102 Audi R8 LMS +2 laps
6. 20 Porsche GT3 Cup S +3 laps
7. 26 BMW M3 GT2 +4 laps
8. 18 Porsche GT3 Cup S +4 laps
9. 69 BMW Z4 GT3 +5 laps
10. 35 Porsche 997 GT3 +6 laps


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