BMW rabbit add no longer true

More news on BMW front wheel drive model

According to sources quoted by with egmCarTech, BMW have recently held a clinic group study on the east coast and west coast to show owners a new entry-level hatchback.

BMW rabbit add no longer true
BMW rabbit add no longer true

The model, which will fit below the 1-Series (which is odd since I was thinking the 1 Series was going to be the smallest car they made unless they wanted to produce a 0), will feature traditional BMW styling in hatchback form and will be built on the company’s upcoming front-wheel-drive platform.

BMW purists shake at the hearing of these words, front wheel drive, what has this company come to? To be honest though, it might not be that bad as the revived Mini which is a BMW project is a great handling car.

Speaking of the Mini, the new generation of models will be sharing the basis of this small hatch FWD BMW entry-level and that basis will be the front-wheel-drive architecture the company is working on, according to BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer.

And as the next generation of Mini this new BMW is set to have a debut within the year 2014. Development boss Klaus Draeger has confirmed this and also mentioned that the size group for the new BMW will be in the same playing field with the Volkswagen Golf and the Scirocco.


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