BMW Experience

Americans get a treat from BMW

BMW have officially launched the “The BMW Experience”, a special institution that will remind people why they are the best selling luxury company.

BMW Experience
BMW Experience

Access to such a treat as BMW offer in Munich is hard to find but you can get a totally different experience if you live in America that’s not in any way less interesting.

BMW are showing off their cars, their factory and pretty much every asset they have in Spartanburg County through special tours that can be taken individually or as a group where you get to experience “The Ultimate Driving Machine” in all of its aspects.

You can take a tour of the factory with a personal concierge, you can feast your eyes on the goodies within The BMW Performance Center and The BMW Zentrum while you’re at it. But if you feel that you have more of a get up and go attitude than there is a package that may interest you as well.

All the visits plus a 2-hour driving program which will put you through your paces towards becoming a person that can make proper use of a BMW. Future plans for this treat of an experience include adding to the offer of custom driving excursions, rare vehicle demonstrations and unique culinary events.


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