Hamann BMW Z4M

Hamann BMW Z4M Roadster

Hamann has always been a tuning company that took lary versions of BMW cars, particularly M division and gave them more.  Of everything.

Hamann BMW Z4M
Hamann BMW Z4M

Well, they’ve recently announced that their next target is the Z4M (E89) and what they have in stock for this car is nothing short of spectacular.

First things first, no tuning job is ever really there until there’s a new set that consists of a front bumper (in this here beast it features integrated LEDs), side skirts, a spoiler, and rear apron. Boring right? Well, not really, it makes the handsome Z4M look like it’s no longer sporty, more like menacing.

If however you find this is not enough, how about a very special set of wheels, 20-inch forged Edition Race Matte Black. Now you’re talking, you’re E89 Z4 is unlike any other at the lights.

However, there’s also a bit of go to match the show, Hamann have fitted a new exhaust system and did some electronic fettling with the ECU. The end result is that the engine now produces 360 horsepower, it has a peak torque of 398 lb/ft and with this sort of power needs to be shown off. So no restrictor it is, the car now has a top speed of 177 mph.

There’s a bit of retouching done to the interior, but do you really care?

Hamann BMW Z4M Hamann BMW Z4M Hamann BMW Z4M


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