BMW Welt Brand Center

BMW still second place for sales in the U.S.

BMW haven’t managed to overtake Lexus as top seller in the United States over the past ten decade despite a great product lineup.

BMW Welt Brand Center
BMW Welt Brand Center

This year however, Lexus have suffered quite a bit due to the company recalls.

Despite these “good” news analysts still believe that Lexus will still come in first and BMW will still be trailing even closer behind. What is most likely to be the thing keeping BMW from taking the sales crown in the American states is the wind down of the old 5 series since, in preparation for the June launch of the new model the dealers have … almost run out of cars to sell.

BMW AG global sales chief Ian Robertson stated that the 5 Series amounts to around 25 percent of BMW sales in the states and this issue will be a slight problem but with the launch of the new one it should be covered and he expects sales to register a few digit points of growth which are most likely to keep overall sales at a level pace.

So BMW are doing quite well while Lexus will have to wait for the simple results of the recall issues with the Lexus GX that took a bit off the boost sales Lexus required.


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