BMW Classic Cabrio

Chauffered tours of Munich in classic BMW cabrios

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BMW is probably aware that Munich isn’t that big of a tourist attraction so their classic division has decided to help things a bit.

BMW Classic Cabrio
BMW Classic Cabrio

Since they recently announced a launched a new vintage racing division, opened up their restoration garage to private owners and have just celebrated 25 years of their concept division they have just announced they have another trick up their sleeve.

Visitors of the BMW Museum have now got the opportunity to book a three-hour tour that takes in the BMW facilities as well as Munich’s most important sights in a very special mode. This new tour is very different from any other occasion where you might be jammed in a crummy bus for half a day.

This tour will see you getting driven around Munich and BMW’s possessions from the back of… another one actually. Your means of transportation, should you decide to go on this tour, will be either a 1930 326 Cabriolet or a 335 Cabriolet from the same time. Then there are some more recent offerings, from the 1950s to be precise, in the form of a 502 Cabriolet, or something you may know as a “Baroque Angel”.

Still not exclusive enough for you? Then perhaps you fancy being driven round BMW’s headquarters in a BMW 3200 CS Cabriolet. A one off vehicle made in 1962.

This tour is quite exclusive and it’ll be costing you just 90 euros per passenger.

BMW Classic Cabrio BMW Classic Cabrio BMW Classic Cabrio


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