Details about a 1,000 HP BMW M5 E34

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This is a special BMW M5 E34 and by saying special, I mean very special. As you can see in the title, this is a very powerful car and not that it develops 1,000 horsepower, it is also weight just 1,000 kg so now you should realize I I said it is special.

This car is also named by the builder as Gollum and it have been present at the Bucharest tuning show. Anyway, this car doesn’t have a cool look as the other tuned cars because the builders had to make a compromise to make this car to weight just 1k kg.

Even the seats are a compromise because they are hand-made from aluminum weighting just 4.5 kilograms and there are also missing the doors and I think that this big compromise really helped at the weight of this car. I think there are no doubts that this car won’t be legal to drive on streets.


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