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The valves of BMW S1000RR working at 14,200 RPM

Some of you may say that this video is not useful and I don’t blame you because I was thinking the same thing at the beginning and I must admit that right now I’m thinking almost the same thing, I changed my perspective just a little bit and probably after you read the full post you will think the same thing.

Anyway, I bet that you will never have the chance to see such a thing in reality and not even to a small speed of the valves. Yes, in that video you can see the titanium valves of the BMW S1000RR motorcycle working at an amazing speed of 14,200 RPM.

I must say that I remained stunned after seeing this video, is like I wished something and now I really got the chance to see it exactly how it happens in reality so I hope your curiosity was also satisfied as mine or better.


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