BMW 5-Series / BMW Hybrids

BMW may debut the ActiveHybrid 5 concept

Before start talking about this concept, I must say that the 2011 BMW 5 Series is going to start being sold from June in the United States which is great for the 5 Series fans because these are signs that the BMW 5 Series is being very active including this BMW ActiveHybrid 5 which is a concept at the moment.

There are not too many details on the internet about this BMW ActiveHybrid 5 concept and I would love to know what engine will it have but this car is going to debut at the Geneva Auto Show which will happen in March so most lately we will know much details then.

BMW is keeping this BMW ActiveHybrid 5 concept as a ghost because they don’t want to release the details about this hybrid or at last some photos. I think that after a long time, there will be an ActiveHybrid version for any BMW car.


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