BMW M3 E93 by Royal Muffler with photos and few details

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This is a really interesting tuning of the BMW M3 and I even started wondering of when are them going to launch a new tuning of this cool and also very famous car named BMW M3. Anyway, as you see in the title, the time came for another tuning so I got my answer.

The tuning is named BMW M3 E93 by Royal Muffler and it is very cool talking about the aspect because at the moment we don’t know many things about it. All we know is that it has wheels made from carbon fiber, carbon fiber hood and also some carbon fiber mirrors.

As you can see, this BMW M3 E93 by Royal Muffler has many carbon fiber accessories and this is all we know, you should think that it may also have some other more carbon fiber parts because this is probably something like a theme for this tuning.


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