BMW 135i by WheelSTO on video and also details

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I know that it is very clear of how much I am about the BMW 1 Series and I’m getting even much more obsessed as I find very interesting new news about this car. This time we will talk about the BMW 135i tuned by WheelSTO.

BMW 135i tuned by WheelSTO makes part from those tuned cars that got tuned accessories at the design but also under the hood. The design comes with quad pipe exhaust system, a new carbon fiber rear diffuser and also this cool dark black color that gives to this BMW 135i tuned by WheelSTO the look of a Bond car.

BMW 135i tuned by WheelSTO is powered by a 3.0 liter six cylinder engine that has a boosted power making this BMW 135i tuned by WheelSTO able to develop up to 414 horsepower but it will also come with two other variants like the 376 horsepower and 327 horsepower.


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