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BMW M Power iPhone application

This application is more than awesome and even if this is not a mobile phone blog, I will talk to you about this BMW M Power iPhone app because it is related to the BMW M cars that I like mostly from all BMW cars.

BMW M Power iPhone application is also telling us that now the technologies developed very much and to say like this, in better. Why? Well, because the BMW M Power iPhone app has a very cool application, it looks like web 2.0 design (I like to compare designs with this web style) and of course that it has some incredible features that you will be able to read from below.

It can measure the speed (mph or km/h), the forward acceleration (forward G) and also the lateral acceleration (lateral G). It is also measuring the time that you need to reach to a specified location and also the acceleration to a specific speed. The official link to the BMW M Power iPhone application is here.


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11 years ago

nice application