BMW ActiveE Concept Premier

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I think this is great news even if the revealing of this car happened with few time ago. Maybe like this BMW ActiveE Concept will become reality and if they rush the things so much, it may happen in the appropriate future which is very great but this is just how I think.

More exactly, the premier will happen Monday January 11 next year but better said next month or even much better said, this month because there are few days left from this month. If you still don’t know, BMW ActiveE Concept is a very cool car based on the BMW 1 Series and it is a full electric car which makes it so special.

This car has the advantage of looking very cool as you can see with those blue lights and also stickers with the awesome look of the BMW 1 Series and also that it is a full electric vehicle. Stay tuned to find out what other car is going to be released on 11 January.


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