BMW S1000RR Carbon Edition

BMW S1000RR Carbon Edition
Looks like BMW pointed their attention very much in the past time because as you can see on the main page of this blog, there is another announcement that tells us that BMW M5 is going to be available with carbon fiber parts so this is a great thing or at last it makes me happy.

Now we’re going to talk about “carbon fiber on two wheels”. As you can see in the title, BMW S1000RR will come also with a carbon edition which from what I think is much better than the stock one because it can bring you higher performances.

Anyway, the price is pretty high, more exactly at $35,658 but if you give this money for such a motorcycle, I assure you that you will never regret the day when you bought this BMW S1000RR Carbon edition motorcycle because it can give you very high performances which are not met at the other regular motorcycles.

BMW S1000RR Carbon EditionBMW S1000RR Carbon EditionBMW S1000RR Carbon Edition


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13 years ago

I really hate carbon, when it’s used to make cars look more sportive, because most people do to much of it, but in a bike like this, every gramm counts, so it might be a good step to get rid of some weight. please excuse my english, i’m from germany 😉

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