BMW M3 by Cargraphic

BMW M3 by Cargraphic

This is a very cool tuning from Cargraphic for BMW M3 Convertible. I think they did a great choice either this car has many other tuning versions, also videos and so on. From these tips we can take the conclusion that BMW M3 has many fans and I’m also one of them.

The silver color is standard but for more money, you can also get a different color but I recommend you the silver standard version because all the standards are the best and at the same time, it makes this BMW M3 by Cargraphics to look very cool and sexy.

The standard wheels for this BMW M3 by Cargraphics are with 2” more than the original BMW M3 Convertible. Better said, these wheels are of 20” which are making this car to look cooler. I have to tell you that if you’re looking for a “summer car”, this would be more than a perfect choice.

BMW M3 by CargraphicBMW M3 by CargraphicBMW M3 by Cargraphic


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10 years ago

verygood car

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