BMW M3 Police car spotted at Nurburgring

BMW M3 Police Car

I’m sorry but this is the only photo from the internet with the BMW M3 Police Car, the thumbnails are just regular BMW M3 photos but looking at the BMW M3 Police Car and at a normal BMW M3 at the same time you can better notice the differences.

Anyway, I know that you noticed something that I didn’t said about it but now I will. There is also an Audi S3 with the same police stickers but you see that the BMW M3 is in the spotlight but from what I think both cars are looking very cool because they are rivals so even without this police set, these cars are almost the same.

Anyway, I have to disappoint you because these cars are not going to be used by police but from what I think, they should, not just because they are looking great but they are also having some high performances so they might be useful at chasing other cars.

BMW M3 Police CarBMW M3 Police CarBMW M3 Police Car


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13 years ago

oh! very good. I want to buy it because it is very comfortable. Thank you!

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