Valentino Rossi drives a BMW M3 GTS

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Valentino Rossi & BMW M3 GTS

Valentino Rossi grabbed the MotoGP title so he had the chance to drive a BMW M3 GTS and after seeing his facial expression, he was pretty excited about this idea and I’m not surprised, anyone would give anything to drive a BMW M3 GTS because of its amazing performances and also about the cool design of it.

Because of the reason that this BMW M3 GTS is weighting only 3,285 pounds (a normal BMW M3 is weighting much more: 3,704 pounds) this BMW is much more faster than the standard version of it but of course that if you will have the chance to own such a car, you will be able to use it just for entertainment or to transport yourself and another person to somewhere.

This BMW M3 GTS has a 4.4 liter V8 engine that can develop up to 450 horsepower, which is a way too big power for such a small car so now you should know why I’m so excited about it.

Valentino Rossi & BMW M3 GTSValentino Rossi & BMW M3 GTSValentino Rossi & BMW M3 GTS


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14 years ago

I hope to drive one soon.

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