BMW unlikely to build the 7 Series in China

BMW 7 Series

Yes, there are some chances to happen this and I’m so much against it but all I can do is just to tell you why I don’t like this move. Well, I don’t like this idea because the BMW 7 Series is a very luxury car and it deserves so much to be built in Germany, also known as “the house” of BMW cars.

The BMW 7 Series is such an important car from all BMW vehicles so I don’t know why they think to move the 7 Series plants into China because as we know, and I don’t want to offence anybody, the cars built in China are of low quality.

Anyway, there are few chances to happen this but these chances can make this happen and we don’t want this. Anyway, if it will happen there will still be a good thing but not for us. The Chinese citizens may have a lot of places to work at this new BMW plant that may come to them.

BMW 7 SeriesBMW 7 SeriesBMW 7 Series


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13 years ago

I highly doubt the 7 series will be built in China. That being said, all the suggestions that Chinese built BMWs will be inferior is actually far from the truth. BMW isn’t stupid, they are facing competition from Mercedes and Audi for Chinese consumer dollars. And those consumers won’t put up with inferior quality BMWs. BMW will have quality assurance manangers there to ensure standards are met.

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