Matte Gray BMW Z4

BMW Z4 Matte Grey

I think that for some of you this is not an interesting news and you may quit this article but I recommend you to read half of it if not till the end because you may also find some interesting information that would also make you convince yourself that this is a nice car and probably you will buy such a BMW Z4 colored with matte gray.

There are just few details and also just one gallery of photos with it but at the same time, these photos were taken very well so that you can see all the important aspects of this cool sport car.

This Matted Grey BMW Z4 will be available also in two type of models: one with a 3.0 liter engine that delivers 255 horsepower and a much powerful sDrive35i that can develop up to 300 horsepower so the cool thing at this car is not just the color itself but also the power that it can develop.

BMW Z4 Matte GreyBMW Z4 Matte GreyBMW Z4 Matte Grey


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gustav carlqvist
gustav carlqvist
13 years ago

what’s the name of the matte gray paint. it’s really nice. would be really happy if you could e-mail the name of it.


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