BMW TV Application for iPhone

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BMW TV Application for iPhone

If you read us, you should know that where is necessary we put videos in posts and a part of them are official released on the internet by BMW on “BMW TV”. You can visit BMW TV by clicking here or typing in the address bar. It is a very short link and easy to keep in mind so that you won’t forget it.

Now, they want to make the BMW TV much more accessible for fans and from what I think, they are doing a great job with this. This time, they made a BMW TV Application for iPhone.

They should make this application available also for other kind of phones because not everyone is able to buy such a phone. They should also make a version for BlackBerry Storm (with touch screens) and also for those with full qwerty keyboard and also for Nokia phones in touch screen format and also for normal phones in a .jar format.

BMW TV Application for iPhoneBMW TV App for iPhoneBMW TV Application for iPhone


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