BMW Six-Cylinder Motorcycle Concept

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BMW Six Cylinder Motorcycle Concept

This is probably the first time when we talk about a BMW motorcycle concept. I have to tell you that this is the most amazing concept on two wheels that is able to become reality in the near future because at the base of this concept, is a normal motorcycle.

BMW didn’t said exactly how much horsepower is going to release this concept but it will be the same as a 1.3 liter engine releases; this means over 150 horsepower. The torque wasn’t aso releaved but it will be somewhere at 96 lb-ft at 2,000 RPM. The redline of BMW Six Cylinder Motorcycle Concept is at 9,000 RPM.

Other sources says that it will have a 1.6 liter inline six cylinder engine. Anyway, I’m sure that BMW Six Cylinder Motorcycle Concept will release very much power that will certainly surprise us. The photos with BMW Six Cylinder Motorcycle Concept were not released long time ago so we wait for some more informations about it.

BMW Six Cylinder Motorcycle ConceptBMW Six Cylinder Motorcycle ConceptBMW Six Cylinder Motorcycle Concept


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