Drive Review: BMW ActiveHybrid 7

BMW ActiveHybrid 7

Some people had the honor to drive a BMW ActiveHybrid 7 then they wrote a review on the internet so I collected some important informations and put them into this post. You have to know that this is a very powerful limousine so it’s not a full electric car but it shows you how much fuel or energy is used on board.

There is a gas engine under the hood and a torque convertor that makes this BMW ActiveHybrid 7 to have an eight speed automatic gearbox transmission. The electric engine generates only 20 horsepower but it helps to make few emissions.

If you’re a big business man, I think it worths $100,000. I also found on the internet an interesting video that shows you how works the hybrid system together with the gasoline engine. You can watch the video here. This is a hybrid vehicle but is used the gasoline engine more than 50% so I think this is not a great deal.

BMW ActiveHybrid 7BMW ActiveHybrid 7BMW ActiveHybrid 7


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