BMW Lovos Concept

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BMW Lovos Concept

When I first saw BMW Lovos Concept I said “God, BMW concept designers got bored and did something to solve that”. I don’t say that BMW Lovos Concept is an ugly concept, it’s briliant but we all know that will pass at least 500 years or even much more until this concept will become reality.

Anne Froschner is the designer of BMW Lovos Concept, a Pforzheim University graduate. Through my eyes BMW Lovos Concept looks like a hedgehog or like a kind of a fish, I am not sure, but I am sure that it doesn’t look like a car built in these days or in the previous 50 years.

The designer of BMW Lovos Concept, Anne Forschner, is a 24 year old german girl and she graduated in July 2009. Maybe this car will be useful in a Sci-Fi movie like Audi R8 in I Robot. Anyway, the BMW concept that I realy like and think that I will live to see it on streets remains BMW Vision EfficientDynamics.

BMW Lovos ConceptBMW Lovos ConceptBMW Lovos Concept


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