First Drive: BMW 535i GT

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BMW 535i GT

BMW 535i GT’s 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine will develop 307 hp. The standard transmission of this car is the automatic gearbox with 8 speeds. BMW 535i GT accelerates from 0 mph to 62 mph in 6.3 seconds. The fuel economy is estimated at 26 mpg for BMW 535i GT.

The beautiful thing at BMW 525i is the inside. At the first look you will see just a clean, simple and cute interior but if you watch closely, you notice that there are much more details that you would ever expect. When the sun goes down, you will see immediately lots of details with abundant interior lights.

If you like the BMW X6’s aspect but you also prefer a small car, this would be the perfect choice because the base of BMW 535i GT’s design is the BMW X6. There are also many things that would make you love more this car. The combination between design and power is great; now we wait to see some prices.

[source: autoblog]

BMW 535i GTBMW 535i GTBMW 535i GT


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14 years ago

To be precise this is not a 535i but the GT series. The 535i is a completely different model.

13 years ago

Also, it’s not smaller than the X6. In fact, it’s about 5 inches longer. It was built more off of the 7 series platform and so the legroom in the backseat is only beat by the 7 long (when the seats are all the way back). X6 sits higher, true, but there is more interior cabin room and storage in the 535GT than the X6.

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