515 Electric Mini E

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515 Electric Mini E

BMW is proud to announce the introduction of its first completely electric vehicle the 515 Electric Mini E. The ambitious part is that 515 Electric Mini E is claiming a fairly incredible 240 Kilometres of driving, placing it at the forefront of mobility in today’s world thus offering more autonomy than previous electric vehicles.

515 Electric Mini E boasts that the E’s brushless electric motor drives the front wheels via a single-stage helical gearbox to pump out 204 horse power turbo, 1.6-litre four cylinder smoothly on the road.

The 515 Electric Mini E is designed to accelerate nearly 100 Kilometres an hour in just 8.5 seconds, the seemingly lethargic pickup which is the result of extra 200 kilograms of batteries it carries in the rear seat area. 515 Electric Mini E takes an even more aggressive approach as you let up on the gas pedal. When you simply take the foot off the accelerator, the car literally feels like it wants to stop for a streetlight. Handling 515 Electric Mini E is still go-kart-like and the interior is little different with mounted tachometer that has been modified into a battery charge gauge.

515 Electric Mini E-interior515 Electric Mini E-interiorBMW 515 Electric Mini E-interior


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