BMW M3 E92 by G-Power

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BMW M3 E92 by G-Power

A few days ago we talked about the BMW M3 E92 by Miranda Series. Now it’s the time to see what G-Power, a german firm of tuning, did for the BMW M3 E92. They weren’t so satisfied with 420hp stock M3 Engine and made from it a 635hp power, with half power more then the stock one.

This package has 3 stages of tuning. With the first one, you can upgrade your BMW M3 E92 to 525hp with 525nm for 7,500.00 EUR (about $10,000.00), but you can opt for the 2nd and 3nd stages, which goes up to 550 and 635hp. I’m sure that all these 3 package will make from your engine a great sound.

Also, this firm of tuning, G-Power, has made a package for BMW M5 which consists in 730hp engine power and it makes from this car the fastest sedan in the world. The BMW M5 by G-Power car goes up to 367.4Kmh!

Here are some pictures with BMW M3 E92 with 635hp by G-Power:

BMW M3 E92 by G-PowerBMW M3 E92 by G-PowerBMW M3 E92 by G-Power


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14 years ago

Fastest sedan in the world is the Mercedes Benz E V12 Biturbo.

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