BMW X6 M spied in white color

BMW X6 M White

Our friends at GlobalMotors have some spy photos with the famous SAV, namely BMW X6 M. Those from GlobalMotors said that the car looks like a toy and is not the best color for BMW X6 M. I agree with them, but I don’t think so that X6 looks like a toy in white color. I think that black or silver metallic color will make a beautiful car from BMW X6M.

We think that X6 M and X5 M will make appearance at Geneva Show in March, so we don’t have long time to wait until these cars will appear. We haven’t an official price for these cars yet, however the X6 M and X5 M will have a start pricing of 70,000EUR (US$ 90,000).

More pictures after the jump:

BMW X6 M WhiteBMW X6 M WhiteBMW X6 M White


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