BMW M5 E39

BMW M5 E39
The next BMW model I was thinking to talk about is the M5 E39. The vehicle is the BMW M-developed version of the E39 5 Series sedan.
It has an M-tuned chassis, M-design interior and exterior cosmetic details and a S62 V8 engine.

BMW M5 E39 was fist introduced to the public in 1998 at the Geneva Motor Show, but the production did not begin until October, same year.
At first, BMW made plans about producing an E39 M5 Touring. Although such a vehicle was made, they decided not to go further with the plans due to financial considerations.

Returning to the common available M5 E39 car, we should mention that all these vehicles are equipped with a Getrag Type D six-speed manual gearbox, a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and an Automatic Stability Control (ASC), which can be de-activated with the touch of a button.
Even though the interior has many similarities with the standard E39 5 Series, you can see quite a few items and details that make this car unique.

BMW M5 E39


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13 years ago

The E39 m5 will remain as king of the hill and the benchmark for super sedans for many years to come. It is still such a beautiful, capable car!

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