2008 BMW F650 GS

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2008 BMW F650 GS

The 2008 BMW F650 GS is the best choice for anyone who wants to get a motorcycle for long roads, but needs to have a low position too.

The 2008 BMW F650 GS will develop 71 horse power, but this is more than enough to satisfy your appetite for power. It seems that this motorcycle is one of the best one you can get if you want to ride on rough terrains and on normal streets alike. The car is very maneuverable and you won’t have any problem leaning on corners and taking sharp turns. Being made by BMW, reliability is high and you won’t face technical difficulties very often. The ABS feature is great for those who ride on any type of weather condition.

Basically, you will get everything you need from the 2008 BMW F650 GS: speed, power, comfort and safety. This a motorcycle for any person who wants to live in two wheels.

2008 BMW F650 GS


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14 years ago

I appreciate the technology and design of bmw motorcycles.In fact I owned a F 800 GS for a year but sold it for a Ducati. I think the main problem with the bmw motorcycles are the weight, high center of gravity,and high seat position.The lowering kit for the 650GS twin is a definite plus. 765 mm is ideal for many people.But I think the weight of a motorcycle with an engine in the 600-800cc category should not exceed 160 kg and should definitely have a low center of gravity.This will attract many new comers.

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