AFRICA – decompose Concept

AFRICA - decompose Concept

The car you see in this pictures is the AFRICA – decompose Concept.

I’ve mentioned before that BMW picked four concepts and presented them some time ago. The AFRICA – decompose Concept was built in a 1:4 scale model and it is probably the interesting car of them all. If you thought that Lamborghini-style doors were interesting, look at the ones which were designed for this model. In the pictures below, you can also so that the designers had some great ideas for the interior too. Everything looks futuristic about this car and I am sure that many people would want to buy it if we were living in 2015.

The project of designing futuristic vehicles is very interesting and we can see some amazing results. I hope that BMW will do this again soon.

AFRICA - decompose ConceptAFRICA - decompose ConceptAFRICA - decompose Concept


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