BMW Z4 E85 tuning kit

BMW Z4 E85 kit

Even if the new Z4 is basically open for business, some tuning companies are still building new kits for the old BMW Z4 E85.

This kit can be installed on the E85 Coupe and on the Roadster as well. Dstyle has managed to offer 100 of these kits to anyone who is interested in making his Z4 a little bit better. You can see an important design difference in the pictures below. You should know that those wheels measure 19 inch and that the price starts at a little bit over $12,000, around 9,000 euros.

I think that the Dstyle BMW Z4 E85 kit will surely make your BMW Z4 different and it will bring it to the level of the new BMW Z4, making it unique and more beautiful than it already is.

BMW Z4 E85 kitBMW Z4 E85 kit


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