G-POWER M5 Hurricane RS

G-POWER M5 Hurricane RS

You are looking at the fastest sedan on earth, the G-POWER M5 Hurricane RS.

In November this year it managed to reach the speed of 365km/h(227.2mph), beating the previous record by 2 km/h. At the beginning of this year, the G-POWER M5 Hurricane RS was the fastest BMW in the world and with an added 20 horse power it managed to become the fastest sedan ever to be built. Under the bonnet, the G-POWER M5 Hurricane RS produces 750 horse power. Even more, the people from BMW are sure that they haven’t maxed out the performance of this car and they want to make it faster in the future. more pictures after the jump

I am sure that this car is fast, but just take a look at the pictures. It looks very attractive and aggressive and I am sure that any BMW fan would love to own the G-POWER M5 Hurricane RS.

G-POWER M5 Hurricane RSG-POWER M5 Hurricane RSG-POWER M5 Hurricane RS


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[…] which consists in 730hp engine power and it makes from this car the fastest sedan in the world. The BMW M5 by G-Power car goes up to […]

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