Brabham BMW M3 Coupe

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Brabham BMW M3 Coupe
A few days ago we discussed about the comeback of a tuning veteran: Brabham.

They’ve made their official appearance at the 2008 Essen Motor Show with the Brabham BMW M3 Coupe, which is simply amazing. The teaser picture was great, but it can’t be compared with the original. The style of the Brabham BMW M3 Coupe is aggressive, but not over the edge. Because of the massive amounts of carbon fiber which can be seen on the Brabham BMW M3 Coupe, we can safely assume that the tuned version is much lighter than the original. BMW fans seem to like the cars, the rims are certainly different than what most people would expect.

In the end, Brabham has proved that it still has what it takes to be a great car tuner.
Brabham BMW M3 CoupeBrabham BMW M3 CoupeBrabham BMW M3 Coupe


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