BMW ZX-6 Concept

BMW ZX-6 Concept

A team of students which worked closely with the people from BMW was asked to create a BMW for 2015. The result is the BMW ZX-6 Concept. This car can’t be compared with any other concept car made by BMW.

The whole design of the BMW ZX-6 Concept is pretty futuristic for anyone’s taste, but it can also be very appealing. The doors have an amazing opening system, something that was never seen before. Many people can’t believe that we have the technology to build a vehicle like the BMW ZX-6 Concept and that it could transform from a dream into a real car in a few years.

It is up to the people of BMW to decide if they want to create a car as BMW ZX-6 Concept and judging by their other projects, this car can really have a chance of production in the near future.

BMW ZX-6 Concept


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70cc dirt bike
70cc dirt bike
13 years ago

Awesome blog site. Your links with this are wonderful. We went through all this and I very thanks for your teach.

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