Hamann BMW X6

Hamann BMW X6
The German tuning company Hamann has modified the BMW X6 completely. The Hamann BMW X6 is not an SUV, but more of a sports coupe.

The interior is a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum. In the engine section, the Hamann BMW X6 is 55hp stronger than the regular X6. The body kit is completely different and no one can complain about the new wheels. The price of 23″ wheels starts at 9600 euros. The top speed of the Hamann BMW X6 is 275km/h, but the dial is scaled up to 300.

In the row of SUV’s which can be found nowadays on the auto market, the Hamann BMW X6 can be easily considered one of the best. The Hamann tuning company has created a great design and improved the performance of the vehicle in many ways.
Hamann BMW X6Hamann BMW X6Hamann BMW X6


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