BMW LO Rider concept

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BMW LO Rider concept

In their spare time, the people from BMW create motorcycles. In fact, they are quite good at it. The BMW LO Rider concept was mainly created for the cruiser market. Since BMW stopped the production of the R1200C, they had no true cruiser on the motorcycle niche.

The BMW LO Rider concept is a beautiful low-seated bike, with a touch of streetfighter in it. As usual, there are numerous accessories and variations of this model and this is why many people consider it a standard custom motorcycle. Each new owner of the BMW LO Rider concept can customize his piece of jewelry by changing the seat, exhaust pipes, headlamp, paint and many others.

BMW has always built great motorcycles, but with the BMW LO Rider concept, they really created one of the best cruisers on the market, without any doubt.

BMW LO Rider conceptBMW LO Rider concept


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Doug Garrett
Doug Garrett
15 years ago

It’s what I have been looking for a cruiser that has good ground
clearance, power, handling, different in a cool way, low seat
The bonus is that you can make it the way you want it.
Could be my next bike, would love to ride one and see the options in person, one day.

Mike G.
Mike G.
10 years ago

It would be nice if they actual produce it and not just tease us with, look what we can built.

I love the R NINE T, and this one has more of a feel of straight out of a garage build.

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