BMW 1-Series

BMW 118d Convertible – BMW goes green

BMW 118d

No, BMW is not giving up on its high-powered monsters. Even so, they are trying to turn their attention to environment-friendly vehicles. BMW spokesman says that their future plans continue to include the same old raw power which is practically the true face of BMW, but they are also experimenting with models like the BMW 118d Convertible.

Even with a green engine, the BMW 118d Convertible is still reaching the 62mph mark in 9.5 seconds. The car has low emissions, it can’t even be compared with other BMW’s of its kind, but it loses points when you mention power or torque. The price starts at £23,660 and most people will be satisfied with the compromise.

BMW 118d ConvertibleBMW 118d ConvertibleBMW 118d Convertible


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jin M. Soh
jin M. Soh
12 years ago

Is it possible purchasing 1 series car in Korea?

12 years ago

Hi Jin, please take a look here
I haven’t seen 1 Series models on the official BMW Korea website, so I think you can’t buy 1 Series…