BMW Z4 Review

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2008 BMW Z4

Since the appearance of new spy photos of the 2009 Z4 people have started to talk about this new coupe. Many would say that this could be a nice car, but I think it is beautiful since it’s birth in 2002.

When you think of coupe’s, you usually think about speed and power. However, the Z4 always scored high in crash testes, making it a viable car for any type of road. The only disadvantages that can be found when test driving the Z4 are space and position. This happens with any coupe and the flawless design certainly makes it worth the ride. If you like sport cars, you won’t mind the position and if you want to travel from A to B, space won’t be a problem.

The 2009 model is still well hidden from public eye, but anyone can enjoy the shapes of the 2008 BMW Z4.

2008 BMW Z42008 BMW Z42008 BMW Z4


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