The 2009 BMW M5

 bmw m5

In 2005, BMW introduced a new monster engine, the 507 hp v10. The M5 was modified year after year esthetically, but the power of the engine remained constant. Now, the people from BMW are preparing the unveil of their strongest and perhaps “meanest” vehicle.

With a new design and a powerful engine which develops 575 hp, it can easily take on any Ferrari or Lamborghini at half their price. The overall aspect might give you the impression that you are going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, but the “iDrive” makes all the difference. At the touch of a button, the car will switch from a classy town limousine into a 575 hp machine.

In the end, even critics are sure that the new BMW will be the choice for many people who are looking for luxury and speed in the same package.


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