BMW X1 Unveiled (Photos)

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BMW X1 Unveiled

One of the moments we all waited for was the X1’s unveiling at the Paris Auto Show (taking place from 4 to 19 October so you have enough time to go and visit this exhibition). We now can see the first high quality pictures of the concept after it’s official launch.

You can see below some photos:

BMW X1BMW X1 Rear 2bBMW X1 Front
BMW X1 BackBMX X1 Back RearBMW X1 Rear2

We now have a nice, clear view of some interesting design aspects of the car:

The front and back lights of the car have a nice design, giving the viewer an almost sports car-like image.

Most of the BMW fans will like the simple design from the back of the car, I know I do. This gives the viewer the feeling that the X1 is a really big car. Still, it’s dimesions aren’t that amazing.

The front has a unique luxurious car design even though the price is estimated to be situated at around $35,000.

Some interesting detail regarding the size of the car:
Length: 4457 mm
Width: 1789 mm
Height: 1535 mm

You can state your opinion about the new BMW X1’s design in the comments section.


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