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BMW X5 number 1.000.000 rolled off the production line

BMW’s SUV has just passed an important marker in the life of any car, the “first million” to be produced since the debut the X5 had back in 1999. The “round figure” BMW X5 sold was an anniversary edition xDrive35i, featuring a sapphire black metallic finish with cinnamon brown Nevada leather trim for the interior.

Imagine the BMW i10 Megacity

Since BMW themselves are keeping the actual aesthetics of the Megacity (or i10) under total secrecy we’ll have to see ourselves content with what those talented in the area can envision. This artist impression featured here keeps true to the basic idea that this car will be somewhere between the 1 Series and the ActiveE [...]

BMW X6 Interceptor

The BMW X6 hasn’t yet, and there aren’t any scenarios in the future where it may win a beauty contest. To be honest it doesn’t really matter as the car has a lot of selling points. So the Bavarians may not have created a good looking car, but have now fear as the Russians are [...]

BMW considering a new model: The X4

Seeing how the BMW X6 has had a tremendous success, the Bavarians are seriously considering the creation of a smaller brother for it. Since it’s launch back in 2008 the BMW X6 has sold over 80.000 units so it would only make sense to make a smaller, more affordable version of it.

New Photos with BMW X6M CLR Lumma

We wrote you recently here about the BMW X6M CLR by Lumma, here we have some new renderings. This Lumma CLR X650M is not a ladies car going to shopping nor of a young manager who goes to a conference, the owner must come “in standard” with well defined biceps and tattoos. BMW X6M have [...]

BMW X650 M by Lumma photos and details (1)

I’m really surprised to see this namely some photos and also details with the BMW X650 M because just few time ago we spoke about some spy photos with other BMW X6 but not the M version and those were old photos, now we have some new photos from the same tuner (Lumma) but with [...]

BMW X6 tuned by Lumma – spy photos

I think this is the first time in my life when I see some spy photos with a tuned car. I’ve seen both but in different situations, once spy photos and other time the tuning photos. Anyway, these spy photos with this BMW Lumma CLR X650 are very clear and there is no camouflage so [...]

BMW X5 & BMW X6 will receive a xDrive40d option

Yes, as you can see in the title, BMW X5 & BMW X6 are about to come with another model namely the xDrive40d. I would like to remind you at the beginning that BMW also built a version for these cars namely the BMW X5 M and also BMW X6 M. Getting back to our [...]

Mega Photo Gallery with BMW X6 M by Hartge

One of my favorites tuning are for this BMW X6 or even BMW X6 M because these 2 cars are looking almost the same. One of the tunings for this car is the one made by Hartge so I decided to put a mega gallery with it on this blog. More exactly, what I did [...]

G-Power BMW X5 M Typhoon and BMW X6 M Typhoon

I have to tell you that these tunings are awesome, I fell in love with them especially with the tuning for BMW X6 M because as we all know, BMW X6 has a very hot, sexy and attractive design comparing it to BMW X5 but at the same time we can’t say that this car [...]

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