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BMW M4 by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner tunes the BMW M4 for SEMA

Vorsteiner released initial photos and details on a special tuning kit for the BMW M4 Coupe. The package is scheduled to be put on display at the SEMA Show next week. At the exterior, the German model stands out thanks to the body kit which includes several carbon fiber parts. [...]

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E92 BMW M3 by Vorsteiner

E92 BMW M3 tuned by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner decided to restyle the E92 BMW M3 by fitting it with the GTRS3 bodykit. At the exterior, the German high-performance model comes with a special blue exterior finish, revised bumpers, side skirts and large air intakes. The new front fenders, air vents and lip spoiler also improve the look [...]

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BMW 3 Series by Vorsteiner

F30 BMW 3 Series restyled by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner revealed initial information on a new tuning kit designed for the F30 3 Series. The German sedan benefits from a series of styling improvements with no performance upgrades, at least for now. From the current details, we find out that the exterior improvements include new side skirts, a front [...]

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Vorsteiner 2013 BMW M6

Vorsteiner 2013 BMW M6

Vorsteiner is a prestigious tuner and created some forged aluminum wheels officially presented on the new F12 BMW M6 Coupe. F12 BMW M6 Coupe is a fast car because it wears a 4.4 liter V8 engine with an output of 555hp. Every man would like to own a car like [...]

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Vorsteiner F10 BMW 5 Series

Vorsteiner tunes F10 BMW 5 Series

The F10 BMW 5 Series is about as German as a car can get except for how it’s actually exciting to drive. This is why tuning companies just can’t resist trying to improve it. This time however Vorsteiner aren’t messing around, they do have a complete set of mods to [...]

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1152 days ago
Vorsteiner BMW X5 M Aero Kit

Vorsteiner creates new Aero Kit for the BMW X5 M

The BMW X5 M is one of the most impressive ways the Bavarians have shown us how they can bend the will of physics to suit their ways. It is a monumental technical achievement. To some, what the BMW X5 M offers is more than necessary, yet to American tuner [...]

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Vorsteiner BMW M3 GTS-V

BMW M3 goes GTS-V with Vorsteiner

The F30 BMW 3 Series is one incredible car and it paves the way for an even more than incredible M3 version which does kind of put the current one at a bit of a disadvantage. Thanks to Vorsteiner, and their GTS-V, obviously there’s no pun intended on a Cadillac, [...]

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Vorsteiner GTR3S BMW M3

Vorsteiner GTRS3

Just reading a name such as Vorsteiner GTRS3 makes you feel like some sort of deadly military machine is on you tail. In reality, this name is synonymous with a very… “evil” looking wide body kit for the BMW M3 Coupe.

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BMW X6 M by Vorsteiner Renderings

BMW X6 M by Vorsteiner Renderings

BMW X6 M received another tuning kit, this time we deal with an aesthetic package developed by tuners from Vorsteiner. Tuners from Vorsteiner created another aerodynamic kit for BMW, this time for the BMW X6 M model. The package is called VRS Aero and is the newest addition to the [...]

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1809 days ago
BMW E92/E93 Coupe by Vorsteiner with details, photos and release date

BMW E92/E93 Coupe by Vorsteiner with details, photos and release date

This tuning looks pretty good but if you saw many tunings of BMW and even from other tuners for other auto makers in the past time, you won’t consider it so cool or at last not if you didn’t see it in real life because then it should look awesome. [...]

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1878 days ago
The E92 BMW M3 Modded with CSL Techniques by Vorsteiner

The E92 BMW M3 Modded with CSL Techniques by Vorsteiner

American tuner Vorsteiner’s newest creation already has tuners from all four corners of the world taking notes, by working with the new BMW M3 and attempting to recreate the charm of the BMW CSL models, therefore showing what could have been. The BMW CSL cars had more power and lighter [...]

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