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2016 BMW M3 Sedan

2016 BMW M3 and M4 Will Cost More in the US

The 2016 BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe are finally arriving in the Unites States, but unfortunately for some BMW fans, the 2016 models will cost more as the previous 2015 generation, and that thanks to cars` additional features at the body as well as inside. In the United States, [...]

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2016 BMW M3 and M4 Ordring Guide

2016 BMW M3 and BMW M4 Ordering Guide Available in US

Everybody was chatting about the prices that the facelift versions of the BMW M4 Coupe and M3 Sedan would be coming with in the United States. Well folks, the await is over, as BMW North America has announced the prices of the two famous sports cars. You can also view [...]

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2015 BMW i8 MSRP Prices Announced in US

2015 BMW i8 MSRP Prices Announced in US

BMW has recently announced the MSRP prices for the i8 plug-in hybrid on the United States market, which will become available in its dealerships starting June. One of BMW`s dealerships in US, JMK BMW, New Jersey, has also announced the availability of the BMW i8. The 2015 BMW i8 will [...]

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2017 BMW M4 GTS Rendering

Is 2017 BMW M4 GTS Going to US?

The upcoming 2017 BMW M4 GTS is set to go off in Europe next year, but rumors have it that the model is also planned to reach the shores of the United States, even if the M3 GTS was aimed at the European market alone. The idea of bringing the [...]

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F01 BMW 7 Series facelift

US to get diesel BMW 7 Series

It seems like the F01 BMW 7 Series facelift is more of an ongoing piece of kit than we’d imagine. The US market version still has one extra step in evolution to consider. According to Car & Driver, the Bavarians are going to introduce a diesel version of the flagship [...]

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BMW X1 M Sport

BMW X1 M35i xDrive rumored for an US arrival

With all the love the Bavarians have gotten for their BMW X1 compact crossover in Europe and Australia, they are now getting ready to send it over to the U.S. At least, that’s what the rumor says. The same rumor also says that the first version to come in would [...]

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F10 BMW 5 Series xDrive

Pricing for the 5 Series xDrive announced for the U.S.

BMW have made an announcement yesterday in which they presented a price list which is of great interest to those who fancy a 5 Series with all wheel drive. The 2010 F10 BMW 5 Series with xDrive won’t be available until October this year but having an idea of what [...]

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BMW wants more people to custom order the X3

BMW is not content with having the global crown for sales in the luxury department, they want to win over the American market by moving them away from Lexus and in order to achieve this they are pushing their BMW Individual program. Basically what they want stateside buyers to do [...]

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F10 BMW 5 Series

News on BMW sales in the US

Sales in the United States of America of BMW Group product, namely BMW and Mini have registered a 9% increase over the past month. The increase posted 21,111 vehicles sold and is recorded by comparison to sales of the same month of the past year .

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BMW plans to offer four cylinder diesels for U.S.A.

BMW plans to offer four cylinder diesels for U.S.A.

There are coming BMW cars with four cylinder diesel engines under the hood of these vehicles. People are saying that these engines are as good as the six cylinders so there are few differences and probably also with big differences of money, if not is still worth to buy a [...]

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Hong Kong BMW Experience Event

Hong Kong BMW Experience Event

The BMW Experience Events are some of the most fun seminar/driving events organised by the German automaker. This type of event is usually held four times a year in the US, in different locations around the country. Last year it all took place in Philadelphia, where BMW lovers were able [...]

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First 2009 BMW 5 Series Sporting the New iDrive

First 2009 BMW 5 Series Sporting the New iDrive

BMW surprisingly decided to include the improved iDrive Navigation System in the BMW 5 and 6 series too. This comes as opposed to reports that have appeared in the last few months and that have led people to believe that the only models that will get the iDrive revision will [...]

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Cadillac After the 3-Series

Cadillac After the 3-Series

In order to take on BMW’s best selling car, the 3-series, Cadillac is joining the RWD game. The future Cadillac line is built on the new Alpha RWD platform and will replace the Epsilon front-drive Cadillac BLS in Europe. Moreover, Cadillac will expand its line up in the US market [...]

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BMW Canada Finally Lowering Prices

BMW Canada takes everyone by surprise by lowering prices on their BMWs, but only after years of complaints about Canadian prices, which are higher in comparison with the ones practicated in the US, especially since the CAD hit par with the USD. Therefore, the reductions are as followed: the new [...]

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Los Angeles Enjoys BMW Z4 View

Los Angeles Enjoys BMW Z4 View

We found some photos of the BMW Z4 spotted in Los Angeles, parked on Glendale Boulevard, next to Echo Park to be exact. It’s something to see spy pictures of the BMW Z4 in the US and not in Munich, from where we usually get our photos and from where [...]

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Google Maps Powering BMW Search

Google Maps Powering BMW Search

When BMW launched the BMW X6 in April, the German automaker and Google started offering a service called MyInfo, which is a system that included the well-known Google Maps. So now BMW decided to integrate Google Maps into the BMW 2009 line up, with the exception of the BMW X3. [...]

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2536 days ago
BMW 335d and X5d in November for Canada

BMW 335d and X5d in November for Canada

BMW Canada confirmed the fact that Canadians will be able to enjoy the BMW 335d and X5 xDrive35d from November. The announcement was made during an internal client advisors training in Vancouver. BMWNA will probably release the diesels at the same time. According to J M Wong, who took part [...]

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BMW Set to Enter Small Petrol Turbo Engine Fray

BMW Set to Enter Small Petrol Turbo Engine Fray

It has now been finally confirmed by BMW that the company’s smallest engines will be turbocharging. BMW’s chief in North America Jim O’Donnell, talked about the engines in an interview for Business Week, declaring that these will be four-cylinder, turbocharged, and will offer stronger acceleration than the current BMW six-cylinder [...]

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Four-cylinder BMW 3-Series considered for the US

Four-cylinder BMW 3-Series considered for the US

Fuel efficiency has definitely become an important criteria for buying cars, therefore it has been reported that BMW is considering to introduce a four-cylinder BMW 3-series for North America. By doing this, BMW’s sales will certainly boost its sales, especially if we think about the fact that the European BMW [...]

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Clearest Spy Photo of the 2010 BMW 5-Series

Clearest Spy Photo of the 2010 BMW 5-Series

These are probably the clearest spy photos taken of the forthcoming sixth-generation BMW 5-Series yet. The shots reveal the fact that the new BMW 5-Series will have several design cues in common with the BMW 7-Series that was launched this summer. The 2009 BMW 7-Series was inspired from the Beijing [...]

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