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2016 BMW X1 Already Available in the UK, Prices Start from 26,780 GBP

2016 BMW X1 Already Available in the UK, Prices Start from 26,780 GBP

We have seen the gorgeous compact crossover 2016 BMW X1 in tens of videos, spy shots and recently at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show for an official debut, but now, the model is already heading to the United Kingdom, where it will be priced from 26,780 GBP, in the base […]

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2 months ago
Red BMW i8 Photo Session in UK

Red BMW i8 Photo Session in UK

The BMW`s first and revolutionary i8 plug-in hybrid has been recently shot down in UK, while sitting quietly in a park lot. And this red finished one looks absolutely gorgeous, an occasion for a lot of passers-by to take a few snaps with it from different angles. We have seen […]

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3 months ago
2016 BMW X1`s Unofficial Prices in UK

2016 BMW X1`s Unofficial Prices in UK

According to Autocar, the 2016 BMW X1 would cost a base entry price of 26,780 GBP in UK, while the top of the line versions would be set at 26,060 GBP. That means that the new X1 would be 1,500 GBP more expensive than the previous generation. Once it will […]

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3 months ago
2015 F46 BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer

2015 F46 BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer Arrives in UK

The 2015 F46 BMW 2-Series has finally arrived at BMW UK, the gorgeous model being offered in three colors, the Mediterranean Blue, the Flamenco Red, as well as the Alpine White colors, the later one coming with the M Sport Package as well. According to AutoBlog online publication, the 2015 […]

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5 months ago
2015 BMW 6-Series Receives Minor Changes in UK

2015 BMW 6-Series Receives Minor Changes in UK

The 2015 BMW 6-Series lineup has been recently announced with some minor changes at the body style in the United Kingdom, the carmaker also preparing the engine lineup. Prices have been also confirmed. Powertrain The power of a BMW is extremely important, especially if we are talking here about the […]

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6 months ago
BMW M4 Convertible

Video: BMW M4 Convertible Commercial Kicked Off from UK

The BMW M4 Convertible has been recently seen on a commercial, highlighting the way it is driven on a track race, for which it has been banned in the UK. The reason for being kicked off from UK was that the commercial is apparently promoting a careless and reckless driving […]

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1 year ago
JustPark and MINI

JustPark Gives MINI Easy Parking

MINI is the first car in the world to take advantage of the JustPark online service, that allows its users to reserve their parking directly from their car`s dashboards. With the help of the JustPark app, MINI`s registered drivers can now have the opportunity of navigating, finding and booking a […]

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1 year ago
BMW i8

BMW Puts i8 Buyers on Hold in the UK for 10 Months

The BMW i8 hybrid sports car has already been sold out in the UK and now the German based automaker will have to put the other UK customers on hold, for the next 10 months. BMW i8 has been sold out in just two weeks after sales started in the […]

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1 year ago
BMW`s MINI to Be Priced Back Home in the UK

BMW`s MINI to Be Priced Back Home in the UK

The BMW`s Mini subsidiary is launching its new MINI generation in the UK with an already price list. The hatchback is ready to hit the British market with very competitive prices. We are talking about the 2014 MINI One hatchback coming with 14,750 GBP and the Cooper S with a […]

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2 years ago
BMW i8 Concept

BMW announces production site for i8 engine

Recently there have been some woes about the i range, it’s financial future, costs and whatever other similar issues but all those seem to have disappeared. It’s not that the Bavarians have assured eco-friendly car buyers that they’re watching over them, it’s just that in their latest announcement, nothing was […]

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3 years ago
BMW Connected Drive Coach

BMW UK has a sense of humor

As far as stereotypes go, the Germans aren’t really making the board for being funny people. Luckily for BMW, their UK branch is well on top of the situation. BMW UK have proven once again what British humor is about and while the head office was serious and introducing the […]

by April 2, 2012 0 comments BMW Articles
4 years ago
Top 5 UK Cars

Top 5 UK Cars

Each year, the popular magazine Auto Trader publishes a listing of the five top cars for the past year in the UK. Looking at the entire market, they indicated these five cars were the most popular in the UK for 2011. 1. Audi A4 – sold as a compact car […]

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4 years ago
BMW 135i E82

BMW 135i gets some more power

No owner of the E82/E88 BMW 135i bought that car because it was slow but, as always, somebody came up with the idea of giving it more power. The culprits this time come from Great Britain and are maned Superchips Ltd.

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6 years ago
BMW 320d EfficientDynamics

BMW 320d EfficientDynamics did 1013 miles on one tank

Tom Ford, renown British motoring journalist and TV presenter managed to achieve a record breaking run in terms of vehicle autonomy by managing a 1013 mile trip on a single tank of diesel. The car he used for this feat was a BMW E90 320d and the journey was destined […]

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6 years ago