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BMW 5 Series tuned by Ac Schnitzer

I have to say that I was kind of missing the Ac Schnitzer tuning kits but I was also missing the tuning programs for the BMW 5 Series because they have something special, they look professional probably or don’t know what, I just love them and here we got both namely a tuning program from [...]

BMW S3-R M3 tuned by Dinan with photos and details

Here is a very interesting and also cool tuning program but at the same time, this tuning kit is also very simple and because it is so simple and much simpler than the original BMW M3 Coupe it can develop higher performances having just few modifications but those modifications were made clever. Well, first you [...]

Photo and details about the BMW X6 M tuned by Nowack Motors

Here we got another tuning kit for the famous BMW X6 M which as you should know, it is the most powerful version of BMW X6 but this tuning kit, is very cool because it is boosting the power of BMW X6 M and there is not a small difference, there is a very significant [...]

Photos and details about the BMW X6 M tuned by Expression Motorsport

Here we got another tuning package for BMW X6 M but from what I think, this one is not so professional as the last one and I also don’t think that there have ever been built such a BMW X6 M tuned by Expression Motorsport in reality but we still got some virtual photos. Talking [...]

Photos and details about BMW 5 Series GT tuned by AC Schnitzer

Here we got a really cool tuning kit for BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo which have been made by the tuners from AC Schnitzer and it is not cool only because this car looks awesome but it is also cool because this car has some good upgrades made at the engine. The engine of this [...]

Photos and details about BMW 760i tuned by G-Power

Before I started writing this post, I noticed a thing about me namely that I like way too much the G-Power tuning kits. I think most of you do this but didn’t notice yet. All you have to do is just to look at more tuned cars by G-Power, you can see some of them [...]

Burnout performed by a BMW M3 E92 tuned by IND

First of all, I have to say that we got the chance to see the BMW M3 E92 tuned by IND and not only in images, it’s in a video and at the same time, a really high quality video and it is doing a thing that any guy should love namely a burnout. Usually [...]

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