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Toyota Supra Successor

BMW -Toyota Sports Cars Hint at Porsche 911

It is not the first time that BMW partners Toyota to create unique and new sports cars that would benefit the latest technology, in order to cope with other beasts on the market, such as the Porsche 911.One version from Toyota would be the successor of the Supra, while the […]

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2 years ago
BMW and Toyota Partner for Hybrid Sports Car

BMW and Toyota Partner for Hybrid Sports Car

BMW and Toyota are now partnering to develop a hybrid sports car that will replace the Z4 and the Supra. We are talking about a mixed of technology closely brought together. Some sources within the BMW state that the new hybrid sports car in question will be different than the […]

by March 26, 2014 0 comments BMW Hybrids
3 years ago
BMW Toyota Partnership

Supercapacitors rumored for use on the BMW-Toyota supercar

By now, we have a lot of information about the joint project between BMW and Toyota, unfortunately not much has been officially confirmed. Still, plenty rumors can be regarded as valid depending on the source. One such rumor indicates that the two companies will be bringing supercapacitors into play. From […]

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3 years ago
BMW - Toyota Venture

BMW and Toyota sports car closer to production, still no details

It’s been so long since BMW and Toyota announced their plans to joint develop a sports car, that you would have expected at least a teaser from them. A recent report states that basic proportions and specs have been established, and the car is quickly moving forward towards a 2017 […]

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3 years ago
Toyota Uses BMW Diesel to Skyrocket Verso Model

Toyota Uses BMW Diesel to Skyrocket Verso Model

BMW`s rival, Toyota has recently partnered with the German based automaker to equip the future Verso model with a diesel engine. Even if the two automakers are rivals, collaboration between competitors are common when it comes to buy something from another, in order to be successful. And Toyota really needs […]

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3 years ago
BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept

BMW Z3 to come out of cooperation with Toyota

It’s been a while now since the fact that BMW is working with Toyota has stopped being news, and after all this time, the results of this collaboration are still rather vague. But today, an important bit of information has been uploaded, concerning a future BMW model. Set to follow […]

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3 years ago
BMW Toyota joint venture

More news on the BMW-Toyota sports car

For a while now, we have been hearing about a nice little project the Bavarian manufacturer has been working on in joint venture with Toyota. Now, we have another tidbit of info regarding the vehicle. It seems that while the effort of BMW is quite substantial, the car will actually […]

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4 years ago
New information surfaces on the BMW-Toyota supercar

New information surfaces on the BMW-Toyota supercar

It was not long ago that we were shaking our head in disbelief hearing about BMW planning a joint venture with Toyota. The result is supposed to be a supercar, and we all wondered “why does BMW need Toyota’s help for a supercar?” More news have arrived to the internet, […]

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4 years ago
BMW Toyota Joint Venture

Up to 6 concept models considered from BMW/Toyota collaboration

It has been a while since BMW announced a collaboration with Toyota in order to build a sports car. And while rumors about said model have been wildly speculative, now we have some concrete news about what the joint venture will produce. A BMW official stated that currently they are […]

by July 24, 2013 0 comments Concept Cars
4 years ago
BMW i3

BMW loses world’s most valuable auto brand title

After Forbes magazine proclaimed BMW the most powerful car maker, BrandZ top 100 comes and says that this year BMW lost the title to the Japanese manufacturer, Toyota. The market research that yielded these results was conducted by Millward Brown, and the difference between the two brand is not that […]

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4 years ago
BMW Toyota partnership

BMW – Toyota sports car details come in

This weekends agreement between Toyota and BMW to build a special new sports car was a surprise to most of us but the details have only now started to come in. Nobody is making a Toyota style/powered BMW or any other doubtful decision like that. It’s actually the other way […]

by July 2, 2012 0 comments BMW 6-Series
5 years ago
Akio Toyoda & Norbert Reithofer

BMW – Toyota partnership to extend up to sports cars

The recent news of a partnership between Toyota and BMW have made corporate headlines all over the world, somehow us petrolheads just nodded in approval and went on with our lives. We may have been a little hasty in our decision to dismiss the importance of this alliance. It goes […]

by June 30, 2012 0 comments BMW Articles
5 years ago
BMW Toyota partnership

BMW and Toyota talking about expanding their partnership

If you guys remembers how BMW and Toyota decided to partner up on the development of lithium-ion batteries a while ago you’re going to love this. It seems that the two companies are looking into taking that partnership further than that. The expansion should take things a little further but […]

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5 years ago
BMW i8 Concept

BMW and Toyota partner up on batteries

Our favorite kind of Germans, the Bavarian ones that make BMW, have announced that they will be creating a partnership with the Japanese at Toyota. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read through the entire press release but hoping there’s no Berlin-Tokyo axis involved in the affair. On a less jovial […]

by March 28, 2012 1 comment BMW Articles, Manufacturing
5 years ago
BMW Diesel engine

Lexus will not get BMW diesel engines

The recent deal between the Germans at BMW and the Japanese at Toyota on diesel engine concerns is starting to show some detail. While nothing has really changed within the agreement, a rather interesting clause the Bavarians included started to make some headlines. Though Toyota will get its chance at […]

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6 years ago
BMW-Toyota signing

BMW officially signs engine deal with Toyota

The rumors and reports are true, the Bavarians at BMW have now made their deal engine deal with the Japanese at Toyota official. A rather simple breakdown of the BMW-Toyota deal sees the two companies exchange no money, stock or anything easily measurable. What is going to happen is actually […]

by December 1, 2011 0 comments Manufacturing
6 years ago
BMW Logo

BMW is the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with

According to the 6th annual Automotive News Europe/SupplierBusiness OEM-Supplier Relations Study the Bavarians at BMW AG are the automaker that most suppliers want to do business with. This new survey shows that BMW rose to the top spot which if you consider that last year it ranked fifth.

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7 years ago