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BMW`s F18 PHEV Project

BMW Might Be Planning i5 and i7 Plug-in Hybrids to Take on Tesla S

It seems that the German based carmaker is on a constant fight against its rival in the United States, Tesla, which is strongly working on the new Tesla S. As opposed to that, BMW is also reported to cross its thumbs on the future i5 and i7 plug-in hybrids, working […]

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3 years ago
BMW i8 vs. Tesla Model S

BMW i8 Confronts Tesla Model S in Video Test Drive

The BMW i8 was recently put face to face with its direct rival Tesla Model S in a video test drive carried out by CounsumerReports, the main reviewer of high-end sports cars. The test drive with the BMWi8 vs. Tesla Model S was meant to give us a closer look […]

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4 years ago
BMW i3 Nominated the Green Car of the Year

BMW i3 Nominated the Green Car of the Year

What Car? has already nominated the winners for the green car category, and as it was expected, the BMW i3 won the category, beating up its competitors like Renault Zoe and Tesla Model S. The rules for the What Car? nominations were quite simple: the first one is, that all […]

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4 years ago
F10 BMW M5 vs Tesla Model S

F10 BMW M5 out-dragged by the Tesla Model S

This is not very flattering. One of our favorite cars of all time, the current generation F10 BMW M5 took a bit of a kick to the side of the head recently. The hit came from the most unlikely source, the newly launched Tesla Model S sedan. That name makes […]

by October 14, 2012 0 comments BMW M5
6 years ago