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Updated Info: BMW and McLaren`s Plan of a Supercar Is Just a Prank

Updated Info: BMW and McLaren`s Plan of a Supercar Is Just a Prank

Just a while ago, CAR magazine issued a report according to which BMW and McLaren might be working on a supercar that would come out in 2017 and reach dealerships in 2019. However, an updated info have just denied the aforementioned information, as the BMW M`s CEO has just stated […]

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3 years ago
2016 BMW M2

BMW M2 Expected in 2016

BMW has recently announced that the M2 model will be available on the market in a couple of years, with the version sporting some tweaks from the track model M235i Racing. The BMW has been playing with an M2 version ever since the 2-Series Coupe was introduced on the market, […]

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4 years ago
BMW M1 Hommage

BMW M1 confirmed for 2016

I’m still hardly believing it but it seems that the Bavarians at BMW have yet another excellent piece of news for us brand enthusiasts. Apparently, though it had been on and off for a while, BMW is actually going to make a successor to the iconic M1 supercar of the […]

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BMW i8 Spyder Concept

BMW i8 Spyder promo videos

BMW’s i8 Spyder is now winking at us thanks to a couple of videos. No longer is the roadster version of the BMW i8 a static display . The new promo videos must be the Bavarians’ way of reminding us how the Beijing Motor Show is coming up later this […]

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BMW i8 Concept

BMW talks through the i8 development

The Bavarians at BMW have plenty of new models in the pipeline and there’s a lot of controversy that is spinning around the rumors and announcements that emerge about them. King of the hill among the importance and controversy levels as well we find the BMW i8. Being built to […]

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BMW M1 Concept

BMW decided against M1 successor

Those waiting for the Bavarians to make a brand new mid-engined super car are in for a bit of disappointment. BMW hasn’t got any intention to do so and nor does their M division. In a recent interview with egmcartech that situation was well and truly cleared. As far as […]

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BMW M1 Hommage Concept

BMW M Division boss on M1 and diesel

We can hope and we can get enthusiastic about new concepts and possible unveiling news from the BMW M division but every now and again we have to be thought our place. Having cleared some of the speculation on the F10 BMW M5, Albert Biermann head of product development for […]

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BMW M Concept better than Audi R8

BMW M Concept better than Audi R8

BMW fans have always found ways of revealing beautiful Photoshop concepts and not only, but the BMW M Concept is an example of how an R8 fighter should look like. Who doesn’t love Audi R8 (especially the “power engine” lovers)? This beautiful concept was created by Idries Noah and it […]

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